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Licensed Taxidermist

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Licensed Taxidermist

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Tall Tails Taxidermy


Furry, Feathery, or Scaly...we do it ALL!!
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Our Mission
We are here to provide a timely and beautiful re-animation of your wildlife specimen. Too often your memories are in suspension inside the freezer of your taxidermist, for years. Even you forget the beauty and reward you felt at it’s harvest.

We at Tall Tails want you to have your prize returned in the best of poses and time frame possible. We are hunters and artists, so we understand the excitement felt upon the placement and return of a “special memory”.

Attention to details and having your specimen be something to show off proudly to your family and friends is what we specialize in.   With three licensed taxidermists on staff, and maintaining Nebraska State and Federal licensure, we pride ourselves on a speedy, quality return of your trophy.

The Family Touch

Tall Tails Taxidermy is a family run business.  We only trust our hands to care for your memories.  We take pride in our ability to reanimate wildlife, and forever preserve the memory of your hunt .  All processes are completed here, by our  family.

Affordability and Timely Return

In today’s world, it’s all about saving money.  With our ability to perform all necessary preservation and reanimation techniques, we are able to pass the  savings from not having to deal with outside agencies on to our customers.  This also helps us to cut turn around time down by a large margin.  We get your mounts back to you in a matter of months, compared to a year or more when using other taxidermy services.



Members of....
Nebraska State Taxidermy Association
Kansas Association of Taxidermists
United Taxidermist Association



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